We are a Methodist Church, can we use family@church?
Yes, of course! Just because family@church is based on the Service of the Word in the Anglican tradition, it is easily adapted and open for us to all denominations.

We would like to run family@church in our church. Can you come and lead a training day?
Yes! We are happy to travel across the UK to come and share our experiences and provide training to lead family@church effectively. We can lead training for one church team or for deanery/area churches and teams too.

How much does it cost to run?
Very little! We have designed the services to cost as little as possible. The resource is also free to use. We ask for a donation if you use our resources so we can continue to provide a free resource to others.

What happens we we get to the end of Year 3?
Stay calm and Click here!

Can we visit another family@church to see how it works?
Yes, of course! There are lots of family@church services across Suffolk. Get in touch and we can tell you where your nearest is. Before you start using the material in your church, let us know so we can pray for you and add you to our records!

When is the next training day?
We don’t run training days outside of Suffolk unless we are invited. We tend to run training days in Suffolk once or twice a year.

Do we have to start the project in December?
We say yes, but in reality you can start when you want. Starting in December not only allows you to travel the whole Christian story from the start, but also allows you to publicize the new services among the Christmas congregations. Our own experience of growth comes from following the family@church rules which say you should start in December. However, this doesn’t mean to say that starting at another time won’t work for others!

Do you have a facebook page?
Yes, but we hardly ever use it! family@church relies on old fashioned advertising with paper, banners, village magazines and word of mouth!

We would love to share our experiences with you and others. How do we do that?
We always love hearing about what has worked well (or hasn’t!) so please get in touch with your experiences and stories. Our website is very new, but we hope to have a share page soon!

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